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My name is Janet, I'm a textile designer and screen print addict. I find there is something soothing and almost meditative about screen printing and combined with listening to rare soul music on full volume always garentees me a good mood! 
I do not have sisters(by blood), but I have two daughters and I am a very proud mum. I believe in the importance of teaching my daughters that they can be strong and soft at the same time. That it is not a contradiction to be a feminist and still be vulnerable, that it is ok not to be ok, that they are enough, just the way they are and that a woman can wear whatever the fuck she wants.
I believe in the power of sisterhood! Sisterhood is a bond that goes beyond being family.It connects women to each other and allows them to thrive in ways they could never do on their own. As Gloria Steinem used to say:
'Any woman who chooses to behave like a full human being should be warned that the armies of the status quo will treat her as something of a dirty joke . . . She will need her sisterhood'
Sisterhood is a safe space. All my life I have been surrounded and supported by wonderful strong women. Like my bff in primary school, the one that stood by my side when I was the only girl who cut her hair short with the kitchen scissors and everyone laughed at me, the one that I shared my first heartache with when I was 7, knowing that she would keep it a secret.
Going through puberty without my girls? Unthinkable!
 When I became pregnant with my first daughter at a young age, my two best friends held my hand when I was in labour. It felt like I wouldn't survive giving birth without them. I was a single mum, and the women in my life helped me through this difficult time. They became babysitters and godmothers, they threw together their money to buy Christmas presents for the little one, although they were students themselves. They cheered me on and believed in me. They were always there when the burden of tackling motherhood and studying full time seemed to overwhelm me.
Sharing our stories makes us realize that we are not the only ones going through hard times, we are not alone. Sisterhood is not gossiping, it's holding space for each other, it's allowing each other to be who we really are. Unique, vulnerable, frightened sometimes, but also strong and powerful.
I have known my best friend for over 30 years now. 
 We are family and I am grateful.
With this gratitude I design and print my T-shirts. 
They are only T-shirts, and clothes do not define us, but with our clothes we can choose to make a statement.
I choose Love, Loyalty, Courage and the power of community.
As Audre Lorde, American writer, feminist, and civil rights activist wrote:
Without community, there is no liberation.
Love, Janet
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